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In 2005, he played in Casanova, a biographical film again. Giacomo was the director of the film taken from Casanova’s life, Lasse Hallström. Ledger played the famous flirtatious Casanova in this film, played the Francesca Bruni in which his heart has played Sienna Miller. Ledger also played in 2005 in the film of Grimm brothers. While Jacob Grimm has played Ledger, Wilhelm Grimm has played Matt Damon. The Ledger’s director of the film also worked in the IMaginarium of Doctor Parnassus with the director of Terry Gilliam. The Ledger’s 2005 Locator other movies were the Lords of Dogtown, adapted from a real story.

I was delivered to a career when you were young. The films were given ridiculously, they put my face on the posters and uploaded an incredible responsibility to their shoulders. It was a career I thought I didn’t deserve; Because I actually couldn’t prove myself yet. The turning point was Ned Kelly maybe. I was approached with a great interest she moving it. Since that day, I expose a new career that I felt that I deserved this career to me. I don’t regret it. Leave a couple of nonsensified movies I have played, I didn’t regret anything I do in life.

Ledger’s death has created a great sadness in the movie’s players. The British Cinema magazine talk to Empire Christian Ballet, “This event in my mind is very fresh. I don’t talk to people comfortably in people.” said. Aaron Eckhart was “very sad. I still can’t believe it. It is very difficult to tell what happened with Heath.” she talked. Maggie Gyllenhaal is also a great deal to mention how this affects me personally. The disrespect of the media from time to time shocked me. ” said. Ledger’s claims that the joker role is a crazy criminal crime that he pushed him to death. But in an earlier interview of the LEDGER “in a role, I never enjoyed it that I have never had so much fun before. I don’t understand me that I had to know that I can do this, or I’m hosting something like this. How I didn’t understand the role I have been offered to me. This is the most amused and I’m free. rold. ” he said.

I’m absolutely approcessed. But the real thing that scares me is also very excited. I had to believe that a fearless statement on my face is a very freaking strength. To something different than …

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