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2. The precautions to be taken:
To be able to play without confusion, we must obey a type of rules that apply to all games.

3. The rules
Treat others as you would like to be treated.
Remember that there is a person on the other side of the message.
Adopt a behavior appropriate to the space you are in.
Forgive other people’s mistakes, especially beginners.
Always remain calm, especially if someone insults you (or if you think they have insulted you).
Avoid CAPITALS, as some users understand this as “shouting”.
Don’t use inappropriate or offensive language.

4. The rules (continued)
Use your name or nickname online consistently and sign all of your messages in the same way (while protecting your identity).
Do not send or forward advertising email.
Don’t get involved in prolonged and personal discussions.
Check the spelling of your messages and keep your messages short.
When you are in chat rooms, do not interrupt others and only talk about the topic under discussion.
Follow the same rules of good behavior that you would have in real life.

5. Most used smiles
🙂 Happy or playing
😉 Winking
🙁 Sad
: – | Indifferent
: -o Surprised, or worried
: -x Without saying anything
:-p With his tongue hanging out (usually playing)

6. Most used acronyms
Acronyms are used to abbreviate words.
ASAP (As Soon As Possible – As soon as possible)
BBL (BeBackLater – I’ll be back later)
BRB (BeRightBack – I’ll be right back)
LOL (LaughingOutLoud – Laughter)
BTW (ByTheWay – By the way)
OIC (Oh, I See – Now I understand)

7. Most used acronyms (continued)
Cya (SeeYouLater – See you later)
RUOK (Are You OK? – Are you okay?)
TIA (ThanksInAdvance – Thanks in advance)
J / K or JK (JustKidding – I was kidding)
GTG or G2G (Got to go – I have to go)
OMG (Oh mygod – My god)
Ty (Thankyou – Thanks )

10. Basic Rules
There are three fundamental rules that we can never forget:
Never reveal your name, phone number, address, passwords, or any other personal information, even if you are asked to do so. websites you visit.
If something you’re reading or watching on your computer makes you feel uncomfortable, turn it off.
Never accept to meet in person with someone you met online.

11. 7 Rules for Online Safety for Children and Youth
Keep personal data to yourself and disclose it online only with your parents’ permission.
Before you agree to meet someone you met online, first ask your parents for permission.
Avoid accepting, opening, replying or forwarding messages and files from strangers.
Talk to your parents whenever you read or see something that bothers you or makes you uncomfortable on the Internet .

12. 7 Rules for Online Safety for Children and Young People (continued)
5. Just because it is on the Internet does not mean that it is true.
6. The security software installed on my computer protects us all.
7. Just because you’re online doesn’t mean you belong to the community.

13. Internet dating ended in violation
A “virtual” dating ended the worst for a 16-year-old teenager. The Judiciary Police, through the Aveiro Criminal Investigation Department, has already arrested the alleged perpetrators of the violation, reports Lusa. The young woman left the house during the night, without the family members being aware, because she had arranged to meet the boyfriend she had met through the Internet. However, the 18-year-old “boyfriend” had other intentions, since, according to the PJ, he acted in a planned manner with a cybercafe businessman in the Vagos area. The teenager was forced to have sex with the two. The detainees, a 33-year-old businessman and a 18-year-old youth, currently unemployed, “acted in concert and taking advantage of the recent dating relationship that the latter had with the young teenager, whom he had met through the Internet, attracted the victim to place where they would come to consummate the crime ”.

14. Work done by:
Joel Reis nº14;
Sara Ferreira nº 22;
Bruna Ferreira nº 4;
Cristiana Oliveira nº 6.

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